April was meant to be the second coming of vice detoxs. For me, my vices are very food-related. My April intentions were:

1. No sugar

2. No processed foods

How did I measure up? Well, I kept a food log, and it was really interesting. When I knew I had to write things down, I stopped sometimes before piling more on. HOWEVER, the weather also got nicer and I hung out with my best friend – ICE CREAM.

Processed foods: Ate 12/30 days

Sugar: Ate 19/30 days

Overall, I felt really positive about the processed food consumption. A few of these days I ate everything seasoned parmesan crisps, which really don’t have many ingredients at all. I was also quick to hesitate when buying packaged food, and at work when I wanted a snack, sometimes I would just look at the processed snacks, read the ingredients, and walk away. So the processed food I did eat was relatively clean – RX bars, parmesan crisps, a kind bar. I did eat a couple of things I felt ‘bad’ about: veggie burgers and Morningstar buffalo “wings” (I can easily make my own, and these also tend to be very packaged), milk chocolate, gummy bars. As I transition to a lower-waste lifestyle, it’s getting easier to be more conscious of the packaged food and veto it for myself. It can be hard though with my husband, as he does eat a lot of granola bars. I’d love to make my own, but it’s honestly a lot of work and time I don’t quite have. When I do have time, I’ll make a greater effort!

As far as sugar goes – no regrets. It got nice out. I wanted ice cream. Simple. I did less snacking on chocolate than I was when we had kit-kats and packaged chocolate in the freezer, so I really had to make the effort to go out when I wanted sugar for the most part.

I like intentions, because they are intentions, not commands. So even though I’m (obviously) not perfect, I feel much more in tune with my eating.

May is self-care, and I’m working to refine those intentions now. I’m excited for it! It’s a fun one.



low-waste shopping trip 1

So instead of Trader Joe’s, especially because it’s finally nice out and there’s ACTUAL PRODUCE OMG, I’m working towards low-waste grocery shopping. Here’s what I got:

Union Square Farmer’s Market

  • 1 dozen eggs: 5.50
  • a bunch of kale: 4
  • a bunch of ramps: 5

Total: 14.50

Whole Foods

cold stuff

  • mother-in-law kimchi: 8.99
  • 3 white moustache greek yogurt: 19.17


  • 3 pickling cucumbers: 2
  • red cabbage: 1.56
  • cremini mushrooms: 4.55
  • portobello mushrooms: 3
  • yam: 1.59
  • russet potato: .44
  • yellow potato: .68
  • asparagus: 4.39
  • 2 huge carrots: .97


  • 2 apples: 1.81
  • 1 orange: 1.05
  • lemon: .89


  • kleen kanteen bottle top (lost ours): 12.99
  • magazine: 10.99

total from WF: 76.22

total grocery: 90.72

things to make:

  • penne with ramps, asparagus in pesto
  • baked eggs with mushrooms
  • omelettes with mushrooms
  • portabello burgers with baked fries
  • kale slaw with quinoa (meal prep)

In the style of mamaeatsplants, I’m keeping a jar with all the waste from this grocery trip to track it. I’ll take a picture of it when I can!

trader joe’s trip 3

I first went to the Farmer’s Market Wednesday in hopes of some things and purchased the following:

  • microargula
  • pea shoots
  • parsley
  • red onions (2)
  • ~1 lb carrots
  • potatoes

Overall spent $16 on the green things and $7 on the carrots, potatoes and onions. I didn’t get enough, clearly, and there also wasn’t a lot of good veggies out yet (early in the season). So I went on a Trader Joe’s run and purchased the following:


  • soppresata: 4.49
  • proscuitto: 6.49
  • flank steak 1: 8.46
  • flank steak 2: 7.03
  • shrimp bag: 7.99


  • sundried tomatoes: 1.99
  • organic frozen peas: 1.99
  • cremini mushrooms: 2.29
  • garlic: 1.59
  • peas: 3.49


  • beechers: 4.92
  • triple cream brie with mushrooms: 3.70
  • 1000 day aged gouda: 5.40
  • herbed goat cheese: 2.99
  • black pepper toscano: 3.90


  • organic chocolate chip fudge vanilla ice cream: 5.99
  • deep dish chocolate chip cookie: 3.99

total from TJ’s: 76.70

total spent on company (1 dinner Thursday, game night Sunday) from TJ’s: 61.44

total spent on company: 84.44

That number seems big to me. But, I have leftover food for the week to eat, and honestly, this is equivalent to if we went out for a meal and had 2 cocktails each – maybe even cheaper.

things I made with the groceries procured:

  • an epic cheese and meat plate
  • a beautiful pasta salad
  • a chickpea/quinoa salad
  • a steak dinner with chimichurri, roast potatoes & roast carrots
  • roasted potatoes with fried quinoa rice

I have plenty of leftovers of the ‘salads’ made, leftover hummus (used ingredients I had already), leftover cheese (can make mac n cheese? can just save for next time company is over?) The ice cream and cookie didn’t get eaten so have that for next time we have company. I can use the shrimp for more quinoa fried rice. So all things considered, I spent about 100$ on groceries this week, which is more than usual, but got a lot of entertainment out of it. 🙂 As far as processed food goes, really I’d just consider the items in ‘other’ to be processed. Unless we’re counting cheese and cured meats, which are also somewhat processed. Overall, want to eat out mindfully (read: less) this week and make sure everything gets nibbled that we have.

trader joe’s trip 2

Without a shopping list and just with some hunger after my yoga class, trekked to TJ’s in search of some hard-boiled eggs and came out with some extra things.
  • haddock filets (2 big ones): 4.97
  • boneless/skinless chicken breast (~4): 6.99
  • marinated soy ginger cod: 6.36
  • frozen organic broccoli: 1.99
  • frozen organic peas: 1.99
  • organic broccoli florets (12oz): 3.29
  • tricolor bell peppers: 3.99
  • organic spinach: 2.29
  • organic cremini mushrooms: 2.29
  • twin pack organic sprouted tofu: 1.99
  • organic pepper jack cheese: 4.16
  • card: .99
  • multigrain slims: 2.49
  • hardboiled eggs (6): 2.69
total: $46.48
planned meals:
  • M mushroom medley with steak (didn’t eat last week, have white button mushrooms still)
  • W baked fish with lemon and broccoli OR broccoli slaw
  • M/T/W/TH: + spinach in spinach/chicken thigh/asparagus/pesto lunch creation (prepped in bulk Sunday)
  • tofu scramble (have tofu to use) ate bagels all weekend (date dependent on freshness of tofu OR prep in bulk for breakfasts)
  • peppers to go with sausage & onions (at home)

I noticed I needed some frozen veg for a quick fix so bought some of that. I also like to have frozen chicken available, so got a bag of that as well. The marinated cod stood out to me in the freezer aisle, so I did choose to pick that up. I also had grabbed Dr. Praeger’s burgers – I ate a pea protein burger for something quick over the weekend and hated it – but as I’m trying to avoid processed food I put it away. I’m trying to eat through the processed food I have, but sparingly this month. I was just super hungry and hungover and didn’t want to make anything difficult on Saturday.

The haddock looked SO good and will either make that or steak tonight. As far as other veggies go, since I wasn’t sure what I was going to make and have a couple of things currently available, I didn’t buy a lot. It was good to buy some tofu to have extra / use for scramble over the weekend. The cheese and slims are for my hubby – we started buying cheese in bulk vs cheese sticks which is working out well because he can have any cheese he wants and they’re cheaper and less plastic. We’re a little broke right now, so we’re going to be better about eating at home this week (vs last week where I worked late most of the week). Kudos to that!

trader joe’s trip 1

As April is all about detoxing from sugar and processed food, I wanted to put together a weekly log of groceries I purchased and how I intend to use them.


  • organic boneless skinless chicken thighs: 6.69
  • steak: 12.86


  • 2 lb organic onions: 2.99
  • organic lemons (4): 1.99
  • high-protein tofu: 2 @ 2.49
  • organic cremini mushrooms: 2.29
  • organic white button mushrooms: 1.99
  • green goddess dressing: 3.69
  • 1lb petite carrots many colors: 3.99
  • organic spinach: 2.29
  • shaved brussel sprouts: 2.99
  • 8-vegetable chopped mix: 3.29
  • organic asparagus: 3.99
  • organic broccoli slaw: 1.99
  • organic garlic: 1.49
  • scallions: 1.29


  • organic pepper jack cheese: 4.87
  • everything but the bagel spice: 1.99

total: $65.66

planned meals

  • salads: 8-veg mix, brussel sprouts, scallions, tofu, green goddess dressing – lunch for monday, wednesday, thursday (going out tuesday, work-sponsored lunch friday)
  • roasted asparagus with fish (have fish at home, use lemon to squeeze)  – wednesday
  • brussel sprouts sautĂ© with fish (have fish at home, use lemon to squeeze) – tuesday
  • roast chicken thighs and broccoli slaw – thursday
  • mushroom medley and steak (use 1/2 each container of mushrooms) – friday
  • tofu scramble (use remaining mushrooms, spinach, scallions) – saturday


March was supposed to be a beginning of detoxes from my vices. Therefore, my March intentions were:

1. NO ALCOHOL AT ALL (I’m easing into this the next two months…)

2. No mary jane at all. #SOBER MARCH

3. No nail biting

I’ll be honest. I didn’t crush it. But there’s a reason for it.

My whole excuse for cutting out my vices was to make it easier for when I, universe willing, get pregnant. After some conversations with my trusted friends, I came to the realization that I was giving up my vices for the wrong reason. When the happy time does come, I’ll be able to turn off the drinking. I’ve been drinking far less, but I do wish I had tracked it, and I only indulged in the other stuff maybe 3 times total in the month.

However, the nail biting I did an excellent job with. I used to bite my nails down to stubs and the skin around my nails. Frequently I would bite them down so much that they would bleed. It was childish and kind of gross, and showed no self-restraint on my part. And frankly? It’s because I’ve been getting manicures. Such a little self-care thing has made a huge change. I actually have nails now! It’s super weird! But kind of cool! And (weirdly) it reminds me of my mom. She always had long, fabulous nails, and finally I do too. I haven’t even wanted to bite them. I’ve been getting pretty sparkly shades that make me feel FABULOUS. I got a gel manicure on 2/22 which lasted until 3/17, and another on 3/17 that is holding on strong. I feel like if this is a monthly habit I get myself into, then it’s totally cool. Might try powder gel next time since supposedly it’s a little less harsh on my nails.

Which reminds me…I’m due for another manicure soon!

April is another vice detox month and coming off of Easter, it’s a good time to do this – no sugar or no processed foods. I’ve found myself falling into an almost daily sweet indulgence and turning to convenience foods to get this ‘fix’. I won’t be precious about it – I absolutely did have sweets yesterday as it was Easter (a cannoli and a rugelach) – and drank some Snapple diet peach tea (a beloved vice) – but I will accurately track what I’m eating and how it makes me feel. I have noticed lately some things, like cheese, turn me into a hot gas mess. So I think this month will help me get control of what and how and why I’m eating. I’m also planning to tune into the mindful meal challenge for this week, so will perhaps post two April updates.


My February intentions were:

1. Go to the gym 4x a week

2. Walk outside 20 minutes per day

3. Use HappyPlanner to keep detailed workout log

The gym was hard. It’s far. I went 14 times in February – which for me is good, but did not meet my goal. One week I went only twice as I was traveling for work. Otherwise I went 3 times, which was great. The first week I went 5 times (!) – so I started out right at least!

Walking outside 20 minutes a day was also hard. So if you consider my commute, I did walk outside 20 minutes a day getting to and from my house (haha), however the intention was to take walks during the day at work. It was cold out and difficult to meet this goal. Some days I walked a ton, though, but that’s normal for me.

The detailed workout log – I did OK with this. I did log how I exercised when I went to the gym. I’ll take it.

Overall, I was glad to set this intention. It helped push me to go to the gym more, it was very motivating. It’s still inspiring me to try to hit this 4x a week goal, and if I go 3x, that’s cool too! I’ll try to incorporate the walking again in March.

March’s goals are to kick my bad habits, drinking and indulging in mary jane. I’ve already broken this with drinks yesterday at a company function. It’s tough. But I’ll maybe do a documentation of drinking to be more mindful of it.



1. Review/purge clothes

2. Review/purge from scary closets/under the bed

3. Contact all companies that send paper communications and ask to be unsubscribed

Roughly a week into February, and finally making this post. My BFFL and I have embarked on our own person Wellness/Happiness project for 2018, trying to make our lives a little bit better. This month, we focused on minimalism.

I had 3 goals, and while I didn’t completely meet them, I didn’t completely fail myself either.

1. I did review all my clothes. I put a handful aside to keep at my dad’s house, and a handful for textile recycling/giveaway. I also ID’ed clothing I wasn’t wearing and decided if I don’t wear it within 6 months, I’ll put it in storage or give it away.

2. I did purge from many areas of the home. Was it a full purge? No. But, absolutely made progress and got rid of a few bags of stuff. So amazing how much of a difference it makes!

3. I did this to the best of my ability…but I just finished doing it today. Still, progress!

I also attempted to not buy anything this month, beyond food. So many of my things I brought back from our trip to Philly were food 🙂 but still good. A lot less consumerism than my usual.

February’s intention is movement, and I’m looking forward to crushing it!

a running list of things i’ve bought this year

if it’s not food or general life needs related it goes on this list. #accountability


  • salt by nayyirah waheed
  • food containers for my husband
  • a NASA hoodie from H&M (was too cold)
  • a unicorn hat from H&M (was too cold)
  • a South Philly ornament (from vacation)
  • an Eagles coaster (from vacation)
  • two Philly hats (from vacation, 1 lost)
  • blue sage to cleanse my house (does this belong here? IDK)
  • ovulation kits (also, does this belong here? IDK)
  • a 5 boroughs bike tour long-sleeve shirt
  • a shirt from spongebob the musical
  • a fish dress
  • a small belt
  • a great dress with tie front
  • meow meow tweet oil (birthday)
  • a ganesh dress (birthday)
  • 2 incense packs (birthday)
  • a black linen tunic (birthday)
  • 2 small eataly water bottles (birthday)
  • lilac sandals for the gym
  • three umbrellas
  • one big teapot
  • one 2-cup teapot, pink
  • unicorn lipstick
  • unicorn palette
  • eyebrow gel
  • fruit bowl
  • kate spade earrings
  • avocado earrings
  • avocado t shirt
  • vera bradley tote
  • unicorn tshirt from universal
  • slytherin headband
  • tongue scraper
  • star dress
  • prince book
  • bob’s burgers bob & linda figurines
  • towel
  • glove
  • 2 candles
  • palo santo
  • 3 incense sticks
  • tea bags
  • glass jar for seaglass
  • david’s tea perfect tea scoop
  • 3 bras

on slowing down

It seems like every time when I have a bountiful week planned, I get sick. Let me give you a picture of this week’s schedule:

Monday: Barre 715AM-8AM (meaning I’d have to wake up at 530AM), Trader Joe’s run to get supplies for the week, after work see A Year In Review with Neil Degrasse Tyson at 7PM, ramen dinner

Tuesday: AM workout, spin class 620-705PM

Wednesday: 745-8AM Barre, meeting with finance rep 6PM

Thursday: Hot Yoga 730AM-830AM, Hot Athletic Yoga 6-7PM

Friday: Spin 730-815AM, Spongebob Musical 8PM

Saturday: Dinner at 6PM

Sunday: Brunch at 1PM (in Williamsburg meaning I have to leave at 11AM…)

Sooo yeah. Have I gone to the gym? Nope. Did I go see Neil Degrasse Tyson with what I think was a fever? Yes. Was it worth it? Actually yes, because Bill Nye came out. Did I sleep during it? Uh, yeah.

It feels sometimes like when I plan and plan and prep and prep life just happens to get in the way. Where’s the balance between planning and life? Is my body telling me to slow down? To chill out?  Isn’t being a better person directly correlated to doing more? Do I need a better routine, a better commute?

I can’t help the spinning, sometimes. All the time. Always.

And so I sit surrounded by projects I’ve halfway finished with things I barely use, a pile of clothes that needs to go out to wash and a pile of clothes I guess you could consider clean, but they’re on the floor so maybe they’re dirty again, and I wonder sometimes if I’m manic, or if I’m depressed, or if I’m just tired and I don’t know how to feel awake.