fun facts

Fun Fact: it actually starts feeling WORSE again past the one year mark.
Sometimes a girl just needs her mom when:
She’s feeling overwhelmed.
She isn’t sure how to tackle a difficult conversation.
She straight up doesn’t know how to do something. Even if it’s something her mom has NEVER done before, she’ll still give advice.
She’s walking home from the subway.
Her dress is wrinkled and she’s on the way to a meeting.
She ripped her dress strap and doesn’t know how to fix it cause she can’t sew and she’s a spaz.
She’s cooking dinner and wants someone to talk to while she’s chopping veggies.
She has her monthly friend.
She wants to share something funny that happened that day.
She’s trying to figure out if she should buy a pair of spin shoes or not.
She needs someone to tell her to stop online shopping.
She needs someone to make stupid voices with and replay inside jokes with.
She needs someone to send weird pictures to.
She wants a REALLY big hug. A dance hug, actually.

Here’s the thing about grief nobody tells you: it gets better and then it gets worse and then it gets better again


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