two and a half hours

just a small realization today.

i was stuck underground in the subway for two and a half hours, switching trains, plopping between stations, tons of people around me. normally i’d be pissed, really annoyed, and the whole day would swirl around the anger. but today i just read my book and thought, “how wonderful, i got an extra hour of reading in today.”

you can be in control of your feelings, and you can say YES to unpleasantries life throws at you, and you can be surprised.


be in love with yr own life

being in love with your own life doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, in fact I am far from it.

being in love with my life, for me, means:

a few glasses of a nice chianti

antipasto for dinner

crusty, delicious bread swathed in olive oil

buying flowers and looking at them

working from home in my bathrobe

to-do lists

staying home from the gym and reading

a tidy-ish home

lots of time indoors & outdoors

waking up early and reading in bed

my very own cold brew

burning incense


I am finding that sometimes saying YES also means saying NO.

When I am loving myself I sometimes have to say YES to staying in bed, or to staying inside and watching TV.

I know I need to get back on track with really exercising. The kind of exercise that makes you sweat and makes you uncomfortable. But to be honest, I really only like yoga and walking. I do weights, I do cardio, I do core and ab workouts because I HAVE to, not because I LIKE to. I’m thinking, maybe now I’ll start doing MORE workouts I LIKE, and see where that gets me in a month versus trying and failing to get up to do something I DISLIKE.

And here’s the thing, too. I like the eat man, I like to drink. Spoke with my father yesterday about unwinding with wine, and our reaction was the same – YOLO.

So I’ll drink my wine, and some days when it’s not a good idea, I won’t drink, but I’ll be less stringent about only drinking X amount of days per week. And less stringent about food, too. Because everything will work out fine just following the 80/20 rule.

Everything will work out fine.